Our Process

Our Process Begins with a Relationship

It is important that you feel comfortable with the contractor you choose for your project. We begin with a personal consultation in your home with our Sales and Design Manager. We will get to know you and your family and take the time to learn your specific needs. Whether you have a design in mind or looking for ideas, our design process will guide you every step of the way. We will discuss expectations for the upcoming phases of your project from timing to budgets. Every project is different and requires that frame of mind to understand its unique circumstances, which is why we approach each job with a clean slate and as if it were our own personal home.

Project Phases

1. Design

In most cases, we dive right into design without any obligation on your part. We are happy to provide design and cost estimates without requiring a contract. In specialized cases, outside resources such as specialized architects or engineers are required in order to design your project, in which case we will discuss a design contract for those services. In either case, we will begin work immediately on drafting concepts of your project translating your vision onto paper. Once complete, we will coordinate a second consultation to review the concepts the team has developed. After a round of reviews, we will prepare the final construction docs that will include both 2D and 3D views of the project.

2. Presentation

During the presentation phase, we will meet with you again in person to review the cost of the project line by line for your approval. By now, we hope we have earned your business and that you feel comfortable with us as your trusted partner and ready to enter into a contract for the services presented.

3. Selections

Now comes the fun! You are off to our in-house Design Studio to meet with our Design Coordinator to bring personality to your space. With more choices than you can imagine, our Design Coordinator will help dial in on your specific taste and style to guide you in the right direction. With many choices in our show room, we also offer the flexibility to locate the perfect selections at various showrooms around the metro. This phase is no easy task with the number of decisions to be made but is key in the production process. That is why we require all selections to be completed before scheduling your project in the next phase, Production!

4. Production

We begin with an all-inclusive Pre-Construction meeting. This includes our Sales and Design Manager, Construction Manager and President all working to ensure we are delivering on our promise. We will review all details, plans and expectations for the up coming project. With no loose ends left at this point, we are now ready to schedule.

While in production, you will receive weekly updates as well as visibility into our scheduling software program. Each week, our entire team from the President to the Carpentry Team meet to discuss each project one by one. This allows us to collaborate multiple perspectives from the different departments involved, all sharing their respective specialty in a team environment and working for you and your project as one. This is the Bellepar difference.

5. Enjoy

While our work is done, your work is just beginning to decorate the space and start living in it! But don’t worry, we haven’t gone too far. With our 30 day and an 11 month warranty program, we will see you again soon to address any covered items you may encounter!

For a Truly Personalized Experience

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